Bose 901 series 2 specs

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Bose 901 series 2 specs

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bose 901 series 2 specs

Remember Me? Results 1 to 22 of Differences between Bose version I - VI. I recently purchased a Sansui db in near mint condition. I now need some good speakers to go with it. I'm very interested in the Bose s for a variety of reasons, but I'm having a very hard time finding a comprehensive source of information. I've read that there have been some changes to the original s. However, figuring out exactly what changes have been made has been very challenging.

Below I've listed what I've read on the internet, and if anyone could add to this list, I would greatly appreciate it. I've read that the series I and II used a sealed box, and the III-VI uses a vented boxes which supposedly increases efficiency at the cost of one octave in the low end.

I also know that the first two series where made of real wood, and later series were veneered and then eventually the wood veneers gave way to wood-like laminates.

bose 901 series 2 specs

I've also read that the series II equalizer has more of a high frequency boost than the series I does. Are there any physics differences between the series I and IIs? I've also read that the equalizers for the series I and II are interchangeable.

Bose Model 601 Series II Speaker System Review

This would make sense if only the equalizers were different. If the series II equalizers and the speakers were both characteristically different from their series I counterparts, then it seems like they should not be interchangeable.

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If the only thing that's different is the equalizer, then why do the series IIs go for so much more on eBay? Many eBay sellers claim the series IIs are the most desirable of the series.

What else is different?Supplied with variable active equalizer consolette. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Manufacturer: Bose Corporation, 1 Strathmore Rd. Fax: Web: www. But getting the best that either of those systems are capable of and the only reason to have them requires a listening room the likes of which I've never had. Our house is made of concrete blocks, and we have a solid rock veneer wall, and when we set up the BOSE s to reflect off of this heavy, rock-hard surface, the amount of sound that is projected is worth WHATEVER it costs!

Gerry K in Arizona. I know a lot of people want to get their audio system sound like they are at a concert. The problem is that concerts don't have really good room acoustics or sound systems. Obviously, if the recording is a live recording, we hope that it sounds like we are at the concert, but having the speakers basically rely on bouncing audio from the back as the main source is actually bad.

Some people like omni directional speakers like MBL, or others that are simlar in design, but they don't rely mostly on bouncing the sound from the rear.

With the 's, you are actually listening to what you want less of, reflected sound. I had an acoustic engineer come to my home to take some measurements and give me his recommondations for room treatment as my room measurements were probably the worst you could have. He explained to me that it's good to have reflected sound, but you don't want too much as it removes detail and coherancy from the music.

When companies like ASC and others work with a client to measure room acoustics, they work with Articulation measurements of the room and they measure the direct sound compared to the reflections and they want to create a natural room sound rather than having it too dead, too live where the reflected sound is as loud as the direct sound coming from the speakers. The 's just simply do it wrong.

If the front had a bunch of drivers and the rear sides had only one driver, that might be better. One thing to note. I talked to a dealer that carried BOSE for a short period of time and they explained to me that BOSE produced demo CDs that were mastered to sound good on BOSE systems, but when you listened to the same CD on another, they sounded like crap so those demos they use to sell the speakers mislead the consumer because most of the recordings you listen to weren't mastered specifically for BOSE speakers.

The local dealership that told me this doesn't carry BOSE anymore and the only reason why they carried the line is they got a lot of people asking for BOSE because of BOSE marketing and they seccumbed under the pressure of customers, and in the process, they got ribbed by their higher end customers like myself, but in the end, they dropped the line as people would actually walk into a higher end store and once they started listening to companies like Paradigm and others, they became disinterested in BOSE and then sales started to wain.

Best advice I can give someone is use your own CDs, and go to a variety of audio stores not the big box stores and start REALLY listening to a variety of speakers, there are plenty of really good products on the market that walk all over BOSE.

Paradigm is just one of many, there are Martin Logan, and many other small companies that make nice affordable products these days.

If I wanted the omni directional sound, but couldn't afford MBLs or something in that price range, I would be looking at Martin Logan, Magnapan and a few others that sound so much better than 's. I do not understand the claim in the review that single small woofer system results in flatter response than multi-woofer system.

Contrary to that claim, we can achieve flatter in room response by increasing the bass radiating area. That is because we can make the dip cancellation null in bass in the frequency response curve less deep. Some designers utilize large bass radiation area. PSB T3 has multiple woofers for frequencies below Hz.

Moreover, the woofers are placed apart, not as close to each other as possible. Search form Search.Forum list What's new.

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Forum Help and Feedback. Home Theater Forum Meets. Archived Reviews. Archived Threads Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by gasolinJan 1, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Are Bose serie II any good? Location: Denmark. Bose are a classic speaker but mabye not the best, but easy atleast for me to find a cheap pair Are Bose serie II any good What are the rated sensitivity and frequency response, i can't fine any spec on that.

Location: Southern California. Location is the major issue with these. Carl SwansonJan 1, Location: Des Moines. Bose does not publish specs, which is why they tend to get trashed in in audiophile forums. I tried a pair briefly several years ago after using 's for about a dozen years.

They were nothing to write home about, but certainly listenable if you are buying a used pair on the cheap.

If I recall the adds a second tweeter which makes them a little more airy up top than the WhoopycatJan 1, Location: Ottawa. I had the surrounds on the woofers on the originals replaced last year and played them for a while before boxing them up. They sounded ok - a lot depending on placement and use of the tweeter "vane" to find the most enjoyable sound. Like most Bose non-cube products, placement is very important, but I find them to be much less fussy that most.

I've never seen nor heard the Series II, however with reference to the owner's manualI see that its design is more like the Series III dual fixed tweeters than the original single tweeter with vane. My opinion on how they sound takes into account their cost. Don't expect them to sound as good as something costing more as a very general statement. McLover likes this. Location: Iowa. They are a better value than they were years ago, since they're still the same price.

They play pretty loud and sound pretty big, IIRC. I think I'd characterize them as scoring higher on quantity than quality. SpeedMorrisJan 1, Location: MI. I had Bose series III. Replaced the tweeter with Audax. Sounded rather good. Not great, but good.

bose 901 series 2 specs

Location: Newcastle, WA.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by longjohnSep 19, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Bose Model original series speakers Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by longjohnSep 19, Location: Ontario, Canada.

I've been auditioning these speakers all evening. They were made inthe last year the original s were made, before the Series II s came out according to the Bose website.

These are floorstanding speakers, each with a 10" woofer and 2 x 3" tweeters. One tweeter is on the inner side of the speaker and the other is in the front outside corner, mounted at an angle. There's a little control on the top of each speaker which are mirror images of one another that moves an internal panel to direct the output of the corner-mounted tweeter.

They belong to a friend of mine who replaced the foam surrounds on the woofers and is looking to unload them. I disconnected my Pioneer Vertical Array Series late 80s speakers to hook up these babies. My rear speakers are Celestion Hadleighs. These s are a completely different experience from the Pioneers, partly in a good way and partly in a not-so-good way. The good part is that the bass and lower midrange are much fuller with the Bose speakers the Pioneers have a 7" wooferand that their "direct reflect" technology really does enlarge the soundstage.

The bad part is that this "fuller" bass seems less punchy and that the upper midrange and the highs are not nearly as crisp as the Pioneers. Am I crazy? Is what I'm calling "crisp" actually "brittle" and are the Bose actually giving me warmth and not mush? So I don't know. I like them, yet I don't like them. They're certainly different. I'm surprised because I figured they were a higher-end speaker than the Pioneers. Interestingly, the construction is less than stellar for a supposedly high-end speaker maybe I'm misusing the term, I'm just remembering how cutting-edge they seemed in their magazine ads etc.

The cabs are faux-walnut vinyl veneer on top of particle board. Yet they're heavy as heck. Anyway, I'm interested in comments from anyone who has listening experience with these speakers.

Location: USA. DannySep 20, Location: Lexington, Massachusetts. Your comments match my experiences with a pair of late '70s Series II's. They do put out very full sound, but it is lacking in detail, with a rolled off top.

The heavy burlap grilles on my s probably contribute to the mushiness too. After owning the Bose for 20 years, it was literally startllng to me when I recently bought and connected a pair of Klipsch Heresy II speakers, which are known for their crisp detail and pronounced highs. It took me a while to adjust my ears! Location: Maryland, U. Chris SchoenSep 20, Location: MA.Part One. Other than using a green sharpie to get better CD sound, or that guy that calls you on the phone and osmotically makes your system sound better, no greater myth exists in audio today than that of the Bose speakers.

Much like Bigfoot, have you even seen a pair of Bose speakers or, better yet, heard them?

Bose 901 upgrade

My Fiat Sport has a Bose sound system, and yes, it possesses admirable bass extension so there! I also experienced Bose on a recent trip home from Spain, where I sampled the new Burmester sound system in the latest Porsche Cabriolet, and Porsche was kind enough to fly me home first class.

My last memory of the speakers harkens back to a jazz club in my hometown of Milwaukee that actually had the speakers installed into the ceiling by their pedestal bases and powered by a Marantz quad receiver.

Another area venue had their ceiling-mounted s powered by a large stack of McIntosh gear. Both systems were pleasant. Not to be outdone, another bar owner installed Magnepan MGIIs from the ceiling, which, coincidentally, ended up being destroyed by a ruckus started by the Milwaukee Rugby Club after a hearty victory. And so it goes. Good memories aside, if you ask any audiophile, they will unequivocally tell you how much Bose speakers suck, and give you a million reasons why the speakers they own are much, much better.

Sure, I love my Maggie 1. Been there, done that, too. Now, to further the conversation, ask such expert audiophiles if they have actually heard a pair of contemporary s. Are you thinking mythbusting? Me too. This multi-part article will be a standard review in the sense that we will listen to the Bose speakers in a few different rooms and use a wide range of amplification— from a Pioneer SX vintage receiver all the way up to a full stack of Audio Research Reference components—just as we would with any other speaker evaluation.

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And conspiracy theorists, take note. I bought a random pair of s via the Web for retail price. I initially tried to contact Bose to see if we could get a review pair, but no one at the PR department would return my call. Hence, there will be less historical data accompanying the review, which is unfortunate, as the speaker is now on its sixth iteration of development and changed somewhat since its introduction in Unless we get a phone call, this will remain an unresolved question.

If I must have a pair of s, I can special order them or go directly to the Web site.In audiophile circles Bose is usually a punch line to a joke, or even seen as the great corporate evil of audio.

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Bose is known only using paper cone drivers pushed into unusually small boxes, never publishing frequency response specs, and suing Consumer Reports for giving them a bad review.

Even though paper is a good material to use for speaker drivers, and plenty of audiophile companies don't publish specs, the perception is that Bose is overpriced junk.

Truth is a little different, Amar Bose was definitely not an evil man, instead one of the world's great philanthropists, and his company pushed the boundaries of audio more that most people realize. If you have a satellite speakers or a subwoofer, you can thank Bose for popularizing that form factor.

If you enjoy a high quality factory car stereo, you can thank Bose for that as well. Bose was doing research using Dummy heads and figuring out head related transfer functions in the 70's that laid the ground work for headphone and VR breakthroughs that are happening now.

As for the argument that their gear is overpriced, I've heard much worse for much more. Profits from Bose smart manufacturing, not corner cutting, has funded research that shaped much of today's the audio landscape.

All of that said, in general, Bose products do sound like shit. One full range driver in the front, 8 on the back, 4 port tubes, and an active EQ box to make it sound reasonable.

Bose 901 Series II Owner's Manual

This is the speaker that back in proved commercial viability of omnidirectional, dipole, and all sorts of bizarre dispersion patterns. Even today you can see some of these same ideas being used in new products such as Audio Kinesis "Late Ceiling Splash" technologywhere very directional speakers are coupled with delayed reflections that add emersion to the listening experience. The pair of speaker I have for review are the most recent iteration of the design, the Series VI.

Ue4 save to file

This pair was made back in when Bose speakers were still made in America. The design has not changed since then, and honestly it's almost longer in the tooth than Klipsch Heritage speakers. Blue cones with that famous for failing foam surround. The drivers also have the ugly looking tinsel leads on the front, but on the plus side the plastic baskets are branded three times along with the dust cap.

These drivers are 1 ohm each, and are ganged up in such a way internally to produce an 8ohm load. The front grills are tweed and attached with a handful of tiny staples that are only possible to find with a magnet, so they stayed on for this review. The rear grills are a molded metal mesh and the clip to cover the back drivers.

The rear grill also works to cut the treble response from the rear drivers. If you try running these speakers without the rear grills expect shrillness on a scale that should not exist in the natural world. A two piece port, one side exits on the front of the speaker hidden behind the tweed grill, the other blasts air out of the rear of the speaker.

Are Bose 301 serie II any good?

The port tube design is something I've never seen duplicated, it makes for a very deep tuning without much physical volume. The downside is that these ports can put a candle out from 6 feet away and are audible at full chuff. The cabinet is made of what looks like veneered MDF for the top and bottom, the rear of the speaker is a thick injection molded plastic. It's a pretty stout box if you account for all of the holes in it. Awkward is an understatement, these terminals are in the middle of the bottom of the speaker.

The idea is that you hook up your wire and thread it through the speaker stands. Then, unless you want to put wood screws into your speakers to attach the stands, you are in for a chore. The dance of flipping the speaker while trying to hold the stand onto the bottom is a contortion that only the owners can understand. Here are the stands mentioned above.

This iconic design is really beautiful, if not the most functional. The wire is supposed to run through the top and out of the bottom, but there is no notch for it to slide under on the bottom. Instead the wire just kind of get smashed and the stand becomes slightly unbalanced. No crossover in this speaker, instead we have a required active EQ that shapes the sound before it goes to the amplifier. This shows the default EQ used to correct the speakers.


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