Can you get a job without an id

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Can you get a job without an id

If you don't have a driver's license, finding a job may be a bit of an extra challenge. Some jobs are not an option at all, and others may be too far from home or not close to public transport. You even have to worry about making sure you have proper identification available for your new employer. You can find a job without a driver's license, as long as you are smart about your search. Before you can apply for a job, you need proper identification. Each state offers a state-issued ID card that takes the place of a driver's license in this regard.

You can also use your passport; however, a state-issued ID is more convenient and easily recognized. Take along the paperwork required by your state; in most cases, a birth certificate and photo ID, or similar. Assess your transportation options. Do you have or could you get a bicycle?

Make a simple map that notes how far you could get without a car. Avoid relying on friends and family for transportation if at all possible.

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Take a careful look at your local bus routes. Check times and transit options. Find out bus regulations to determine if you could combine bus and bike for your commute. Apply for jobs you know you can get to, regardless of weather or rides from others. Call and ask about driving requirements. Many jobs require no driving once you are at the job site, making these a valid choice if you do not have a driver's license.

Look for options within an easy biking or walking distance first, and then those with a slightly longer bus commute. Factor in the cost of a bus pass for jobs farther from home.

Be confident. Let your potential employer know that you will not have transportation issues and have a plan to get to your job without driving. Have your state-issued ID available, just as you would a driver's license, for identification.

Make a plan to get a driver's license. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, a driver's license is fairly essential for daily life in most of the United States. Save up for driver's education classes once you have a job to learn to drive or recruit a friend to help.

If you have lost your license, consult the state about having the suspension lifted and the terms of the suspension.

While you may have a job now, advancing in your career and your life will be easier with a driver's license.

If you are moving, look for a home or apartment that is centrally located and near bus lines to make it easier to find a job without a driver's license. With a master's degree in art history from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Michelle Powell-Smith has been writing professionally for more than a decade. An avid knitter and mother of four, she has written extensively on a wide variety of subjects, including education, test preparation, parenting, crafts and fashion.

Share It. Social and Human Tip If you are moving, look for a home or apartment that is centrally located and near bus lines to make it easier to find a job without a driver's license. About the Author.

Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.Weekends find year-old Chris Johnson standing along Lincoln Highway East and holding a sign advertising a furniture sale. It's getting cold outside, however, and Johnson finds himself wanting a different job, even if that job entails asking customers if that No.

But in applying for even a low-skill, entry-level position, Johnson's hit a snag. He can't prove he is who he says he is.

Most employers expect applicants to show a driver's license or state ID. People like Johnson who have neither are probably not going to get the job.

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Ronald Reagan said the best social program is a job. Well, too often a seemingly inconsequential detail like identification gets in the way. People trying to overcome poverty or a life of poor choices have enough challenges when trying to turn things around. Lack of ID should not be what drives them back to old ways. Obtaining ID, however, is no simple thing. But the center needs to see a Social Security card and birth certificate, and he has neither.

can you get a job without an id

If Johnson then goes to the Social Security office for a card, guess what? He's going to be asked to show his state ID. Oh, you don't have one, Mr. How about a U. An employer ID card? A school ID card?

A health insurance card? An email has been sent with a link to confirm list signup. If he were to apply for his birth certificate, he'd need to show - you guessed it - a state ID. Or he could show two other forms of ID, such as a lease, utility bill, car registration or bank statement, none of which he possesses.

People released from prison are particularly prone to flounder for lack of papers. That's why the county's Re-entry Management Organization, a coalition working to reduce recidivism by helping ex-offenders get on their feet, is funding quarterly ID clinics. A woman who just left an abusive relationship needed a photo ID, birth certificate and Social Security card.

She said her domineering husband "got rid of my stuff.

Applying for a job without ID?

All my photo albums. And Cristabelle Mercado, 20, needed all three documents as well because, she said, her mother won't give them to her. I'm ready to go. Edit Article Add New Article. Toggle navigation Menu.

Sign up for our newsletter. There was an error processing your request. Sign up. Manage your lists. By opting into newsletters you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Today's Top Stories. From Cocalico to Lancaster Catholic, here's which schools have canceled or postponed prom.Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Job without an ID Share. Thread Tools Email this Page…. He's been living in MA for more than 7 years now, but he's in a loophole with the law.

Now that he's above 18, hi insurance papers are invalid and even if they whernt his step dad lost them all. He has a SS number, but no proof of residence or signature. His old school, tewksbury high, does not have a photo id of him anymore.

can you get a job without an id

Is there anything that can be done to get him ID. Do jobs need to see an ID before they hire anyone? Please help. Proving ID Most high schools keep copies of old yearbooks on file. Many people in your boyfriend's class will have copies. He may have a copy himself. Why don't you start there.

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What are you telling her? Her boyfreind certainly needs a picture ID not a high school photo. The picture ID is part of an I-9 for employment, it establishes identity. Knowitall, get your facts straight or don't give any advice! Establishing Identity Actually, government offices in many states will accept a high school year book containing a person's picture as evidence of identity when other picture ID is not available. Given that Kima specifically brought up the subject of high school pictures, presumably she had that type of ID in mind.

Please try to be civil, and to check your own facts.

can you get a job without an id

She asked about jobs needing an ID, not a government agency. Re - read the the orginal post. Dealing with this on a daily basis, I don't need to check my facts. She asked about a proper ID for getting a job and that is what I responded to. Getting a Picture ID Perhaps you overlooked the portions where she commented that he was having a hrd time getting a picture ID, and made specific reference to high school pictures. This doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Sponsored Links. Legal Help, Information and Resources.

Join our forum and ask a legal question for free, or to participate in discussions. Our forum includes lawyers, employment, insurance, tax and real estate professionals, law enforcement officers, and many other people with specialized knowledge, in addition to participation by interested laypersons.

You will find thousands of answers to legal questions. Use of this forum is subject to the ExpertLaw terms of use. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.David Brophy, right, talks to representatives of a Los Angeles group who are helping him acquire an ID card on a city street near where he lives.

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Homeless people often face considerable barriers to obtaining ID. A few cities and states are trying to make it easier for them to do so. Nearly three years ago, when his fiancee died, Robert Giddings was abruptly evicted from their Flint, Michigan, home.

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Terrified, he stumbled through the wintry streets for a day, until police picked him up for public intoxication. As Giddings learned, not having ID can make it virtually impossible to escape homelessness.

It means being shut out of federal, state and county buildings, where social services agencies that help the homeless are often located. It makes it much harder to get a job, find a place to live, open a bank account, get food stamps and disability benefits — or in some instances, even stay at a homeless shelter. In some states, no ID means not being able to vote. And federal regulations enacted after Sept. A handful of cities and states are trying to combat this.

In January, New Jersey began waiving fees to replace birth certificates, and in July it will allow the homeless to get a state ID card for free. And this year, lawmakers in HawaiiMassachusettsTexas and West Virginia have introduced legislation that would make it easier for homeless individuals to obtain identificationsuch as eliminating some of the required paperwork.

Later this year, Chicago will roll out a pilot ID program targeted at helping homeless people and undocumented immigrants. Such municipal IDs are open to all, but many recent programs came about as cities sought to help undocumented immigrants.

Meanwhile, in Genesee County, Michigan, where Giddings lives, a task force was created this year to streamline the ID process for the homeless population. Three other counties in the state have similar task forces.

To get an ID card, most states require multiple proofs of identity or permanent residence, such as utility bills, Social Security cards or birth certificates. Some states require proof of homelessness, such as a letter from a social services agency.

But even with waived fees, getting an ID can be an arduous process entailing multiple visits to a state office. When they give up on having an ID, they give up on the resources available to them. According to a survey by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Povertyin a given month in54 percent of homeless people without photo ID were denied access to shelters or housing services, 53 percent were denied food stamps, and 45 percent were denied access to Medicaid or other medical services.

Eric Tars, senior attorney for center, said states should stop charging for ID cards for everyone. States and counties also should provide replacement birth certificates and other documentation for free and make it generally easier for people to verify their identity, he said. Last month, the Chicago City Council voted to create a municipal ID program for the undocumented and the homeless. The city ID cards, promoted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat, will grant people access to city services and cultural institutions.

Cardholders will also be able to load the card with fare for public transit, said City Clerk Anna Valencia. Valencia said she met with a young homeless woman who described the hurdles she faced to get state ID, to access a local food pantry and qualify for the federal nutrition program, WIC, so she could feed her baby.

After returning to the DMV multiple times, she was finally able to get ID with the help of a local nonprofit. One option city officials are exploring is creating a mobile service that goes to homeless shelters and agencies so people can get an ID card the same day, without having to wait in line at the DMV. But getting an ID card is becoming more difficult, as states move to meet more stringent document requirements that are part of the federal Real ID program. So far, 25 states and Washington, D.

For each of those categories, only certain documents are acceptable, such as a lease, a W-2 form or a paystub. If someone had an ID but lost it, it can be relatively simple to get a replacement. But sometimes, helping the homeless obtain ID requires a sleuthing expedition.

can you get a job without an id

The chronically homeless often have trouble remembering when or where they were born, said Downs of the Homeless ID Project.Social Security Numbers are used to report earnings to the United States government, and are needed on numerous important forms related to employment, such as tax documents.

If you are new to the U. However, you must apply for a number with the Social Security Administration, or the SSA, immediately, and provide it to your employer upon receipt and within 90 days of starting your job. You can start to work without an SSN, if you have an employment authorization document, but you must obtain the number and provide it to your employer later.

If you were granted asylum in the U. The form requires basic identifying information, including your U. When you file this form, you have the option to request an SSN within the application.

If you did not receive a Social Security number with your employment authorization, you can find jobs that don't require an SSN immediately, and you can then file the necessary paperwork with the SSA. To apply for a card, you must visit an SSA office in person and present documents to prove your identity, your authorization to work and age.

Get the Job

A current passport with a work authorization, the Homeland Security employment authorization document or a permanent resident card are acceptable identifying documents. A foreign birth certificate is preferred for proof of age, but alternate documents, such as a passport or Homeland Security forms, are accepted. The SSA issues social security cards with three different classifications for work.

A traditional card is issued to citizens and to immigrants the DHS has granted permission to live and work in the U. A second card is valid for work only with the approval of the DHS via an employment authorization and is issued to temporary residents.

A third card option specifies it is not valid for employment and is issued to individuals who may need an SSN for access to benefits or services. In the United States, a Social Security Number is used by the federal government to track earnings, but many other institutions request or require the number to conduct business.

Having an SSN will allow you to expedite the process of applying for apartment rentals, leasing vehicles or securing other forms of credit. While many businesses may still require additional documentation from non-citizens, having an SSN will help streamline many aspects of your life as a worker in the U.

Ashley Adams-Mott has 12 years of small business management experience and has covered personal finance, career and small business topics since Skip to main content.

How can a person legally get a job when they have no official ID?

Tip You can start to work without an SSN, if you have an employment authorization document, but you must obtain the number and provide it to your employer later.

References 8 U. About the Author Ashley Adams-Mott has 12 years of small business management experience and has covered personal finance, career and small business topics since Without a Social Security Number?

Adams-Mott, Ashley. Can You Work in the U. Work - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity.

Members Current visitors. Ask a Question. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our Terms of Service and use of cookies. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How can a person legally get a job when they have no official ID? Thread starter jlester Start date Apr 19, I met a homeless person who has no ID, no birth certificate, no green card, nothing with his name on it.

He is entirely undocumented. How is it legally possible for him to go from here to having a legal identity which will allow him to get a job?

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OHRoadwarrior Senior Member. If he is a US citizen, he needs to get his birth certificate and SS card. If he is not a US citizen, he needs to go back to his country and get a job there. Proserpina Senior Member. OHRoadwarrior said:. Zigner Senior Member, Non-Attorney. Since we're being so specific, companies are not required to "submit" I-9 forms. Zigner said:. Most companies if not all are required to submit form I-9 For clarification's sake, all employers, without exception, are required to obtain a completed I-9 form from every employee.

There are a very few employees excepted; they include those employees who have worked for the same employer since prior to November 6,and employees who worked for the employer for less than 3 three days. We could get into a discussion of the definition of employee when it comes to varying forms of self-employment and corporate ownership but that's for another thread.

The I-9 requires that the employer or his authorized agent personally view the original documents provided by the employee. The employee must provide, within the first three days of employment, either a document that proves both identity and employment status so-called List A documents; example, a passport or one document that proves identity AND a document that proves employment eligibilty so-called List B and C documents - examples, a drivers license B- proves identity and social security card C - proves employment eligibilty.

The lists appear on the back of the form; there are documents for both citizens and non-citizens that will satisfy the I It is entirely up to the employer whether to keep copies of the documents or not, and there are two schools of thought among HR professionals as to whether or not it is advisable.I lost my drivers license due to a DUI.

I need to find a job but I don't have a photo identification card, except for my college photo ID. I have my social security card. I really can't wait that long. It is possible to get another job without your DL, the hispanics do it all the time with their green cards etc. They are given an alien card and a number and are able to get jobs all the time, no not just farming.

I know for a fact on a couple of golf courses since I work in the personal office. When you apply for a position you will be given an I-9 form that should be filled out at that time.

Usually you need at least two forms of identification given to you by the government. There might be others, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. Hopefully you can find some amongst those. Also, you might want to apply for a DMV ID, even if you're not going to use it to get a job, because it's a better backup than nothing right? Well according to law you have to carry photo ID.

I'm suprised you can't g et one issued faster. The last few jobs I've applied for I haven't needed ID. If I were you I'd go apply and don't mention you don't have it. If they ask for it, just say it's in the mail. I doubt they will for most jobs. It's worth trying. I have social security and my birth records since im sixteen and im still looking for a job without an id. Are there jobs that will hire even though I don t have an ID do to birth certificate and ss card being different. Your college ID is fine.

But it would be prudent to get one of those non-driver state ids available in most states. More importantly, seek out and regularly attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Your drinking has proved to cause major consequences in your life. That is the definition of alcoholism.

If you don't consider yourself an alcoholic, go to meetings anyway to find out. Most practicing alcoholics are in a state of denial.


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