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Novelkeys reddit

Over the course of the last week I have been lucky to obtain an internship with a rather famous research and development company working on decontaminating N95 masks on the front lines of the COVID crisis. Additionally, due to the decontamination units being placed close to hospitals in major cities being hit by the pandemic the hardest, I am going to be required to travel and stay in hotels for most of this time. While I hope that the documents that I have planned alone will be enough to keep you interested and satisfied, I want to thank you in advance for sticking around in the upcoming months.

However, I feel that the Novelkeys Cream switches have had a relatively unique trajectory over their year and a half long life span and are a bit deserving of a review as a result of this.

I may or may not be getting asked constantly about my opinion on these switches, as well, and felt that maybe I needed an official longform opinion on them.

Figure 1: Might as well toss in a 4th wall breaking caption to spice things up even further.

novelkeys reddit

Alluding to my prior comment about the history of these switches, the Kailh Creams or Novelkeys Creams the latter will be how I refer to themhave not only had an odd trajectory as of late, but even started out in a fashion slightly different than most other switches. Formally being announced by Mike of Novelkeys in mid-August ofthe Novelkeys Creams were to be the first mechanical keyboard switch to be entirely made out of POM — top housing, bottom housing, and stem.

However, rather than jumping quickly to the en masse sale like most Novelkeys switches do now, these saw a few more steps.

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Around late September ofroughly a month after their initial announcement, Novelkeys had several sets of samples produced and scattered to many of the more popular voices in the community, including LightningXI, Chrisswires, TopClack, TaehaTypes, and many more.

These samples, in turn, spawned a wave of reviews prior to the actual first sale of these switches. With most of the reviews showing relatively positive praises for some aspects, the switches did have their initial setbacks — the most notable of which were their smell.

novelkeys reddit

Both switches from these initial sample reviews, as well as the first small-scale production run after their announcement had a strong chemical smell to them that disappeared over the course of a day or two if left out in the open air to breathe — which had never been seen in switches to date. Future production rounds of these Novelkeys Creams, which are still being sold as of the day that this document is being written, stepped away from this issue.

Figure 2: Even I am guilty of a shitpost now and then - especially when I can get a two-for-one deal. Once the Novelkeys Creams began being stocked full time, they remained somewhat accepted within the community but slowly faded from the initial spotlight that was put on them.

For pretty much the rest of and nearly all ofthese switches remained a viable mid-tier linear switch option with aftermarket pricing near that of the original sale price. However, in earlythese switches saw a spike in popularity that has only been seen a couple of times in the mechanical keyboard switch community, and could be arguably be a smaller scale version of the Invyr Holy Panda aftermarket fiasco which spawned the creation of the GSUS Panda.

Figure 3: The jokes write themselves on this one. This was quickly edited out of the article within 12 hours of its initial release.

Most recently, the Novelkeys Cream top and bottom housings have been used in the Novelkeys Blueberry switches, which also sold out their initial debut sale in early May of The reason that I am specifically choosing to do this is because I strongly feel that these switches feel significantly better with proper lubrication and assembly. For the lubed switches I am using for this, I simply lubed the switch with a moderate amount of Krytox g0. Note: Completely negating my previous point, the lubed appearance of these switches will not be discussed.Try the codes, deals online, and never pay full price for eBay again.

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novelkeys reddit

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Check out these must-try coupons and deals from novelkeys.In keeping with this trend of surprise, building on the hype from a new stem and switch housing material, to the utter disgust at the pricing of some new pieces, Novelkeys has brought confusion in the form of the first clicky switch of the year. In fact, there was pretty much no indication or hints posted anywhere that these pieces were coming out, thus I truly am at a loss for words with respect to what I am to write for the background of these pieces.

Figure 1: I mean seriously, they barely have anything about them on the sales page. Thus, in order to buff out my word count as if I am getting paid for thisI figure I should discuss some interesting ramifications and future pieces that are going to spin out of the Novelkeys Sherbet switch. However, these are not the only fruit themed switches that. In fact, and as you can in Figure 3 on the next page, Jason has spoken publicly about a line of fruit themed switches to be released in the future, and even provided a render of another potential fruit switch.

Figure 3: Public hint at the new line of fruit themed switches to come out in the future. Thank you to NGP-windd for helping me find this picture. Featuring a 4. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, no force curves have been released for this switch by any party so I can not provide with any certainty where these forces are occurring along the travel.

It has a white bottom with a clear polycarbonate top, which also has a split LED slot which allows for LEDs to be used, unlike other box clicky switches. Please take the next commentary with the grain of salt that I have no force curve of these pieces. The gram actuation force appears to be present in a very consistent but noticeable presence right up until the point where the actual clickbar activating mechanism on the stem makes contact with the clickbar.

Since the clickbar feels as if it has a heavier force than the bottoming out weight of the switch, I assume that this is roughly where the gram peak-force is at. Thus, this linear gram feeling followed directly by a gram click bar allows you to pretravel the stem with little effort.

This effectively allows you to pre-travel Sherbets right up to the clickbar and back quite easily and leaves to a sloppy feeling as if a linear switch was slapped directly on top of a clicky switch. The lack of a cohesive feel in the stroke, regardless of my personal distaste for high pre-travel switches, certainly leaves me disappointed with the feel of these switches.

But fuck feel, right? For such a small, relatively unassuming switch with respect to advertising and reviews, this switch packs quite a click to it. The sound is both relatively high pitched as well as clear, with no muffling from the housing like certain other box switches that have a clickbar.Shop incredible low prices and save big this month with eBay promo codes and coupons. Looking for a way to get more with less money? What are you waiting for? Go novelkeys.

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novelkeys reddit

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Lubricants also seemed to wear off the switch extremely quickly, with TaehaTypes stating his lubed review unit creams had their lube wear off in just one week.

From The Vault: Novelkeys Cream Switch Review

The switches also have the smell of rotten fish for whatever reason. Since then, NovelKeys has resolved most of these issues by using an all-new plastic compostion for the Creams. Interestingly, the stinky fish odor seems to have stayed, yucks. What separates the Creams from every other linear is the plastic it is made of. The housing and stem of the Novelkeys cream is entirely made of polyoxymethylene, better known as POM plastic. This means that on paper, Cream Switches should be the smoothest linear switch based on its material properties.

What this means I am not exactly sure, and NovelKeys refuses to go into much detail about it, but they assert that the switches do indeed lubricate themselves. First impressions of the Creams were positive.

Stock Creams are very smooth for a stock switch, and I found them well weighted. Typing on stock creams sounded like I was typing on lubed linears, very impressive. That is pretty much all the good things I have to say though, only criticism follows.

My first major issue is how little lubricating the switch helps. After breaking them in for a week, I lubed most of my Creams with Tribosys and a small batch with Krytox GPL g0 for comparison, and they barely got smoother — barely. The key feel remained so similar in terms of smoothness that it was honestly a waste of time lubing them at all.

My second major issue is the sound. I filmed my creams with a polycarbonate switch film. In my experience, filming any switch has always improved the sound profile of the switch to a noticeable degree, but not for the Creams. NovelKeys Cream switches produce a tinny, high-pitched, plasticky sound when bottomed-out that I do not find particularly pleasant, and this remains the case even after the switches were filmed.Save big bucks when you shop this incredible deal.

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